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Make Your Employee Embrace Social Media: A Case Study on #domosocial

Posted by madelines on July 16, 2012

There is a brand new business intelligence company named Domo doing a social media experiment recently. It required all the employees to expand their social networks online. This is an interesting experiment that can help us think about employee’s adoption of social media further.

The program continued eight weeks. During that period, every employee should complete different tasks to win 29 badges. These tasks included creating a blog post, maintaining Twitter updates and Facebook posts, and creating three circles in Google+. The program is mandated to each employee and the reward is rich — excellent employees can get bonus and everyone can get one day off from work if they can meet the collective goals.

As Domo’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Josh James mentioned in his blog, this experiment is to engage all the company into social media, and learn customer’s experience to improve Domo’s products.  This program is risky and bold, but the company also learned some metrics and increased their reach. From the infographic attached, it reached 152,160 total followers and gained 50848 true reach. Domo’s influential scored 36 on Klout, which can test the influence of one’s Twitter handle or Facebook profile.

It is a smart strategy to build up the reputation for a brand new company, test and practice employee’s social EQ , communicate with customers and get their feedbacks, and improve the products and make them more customerized.Domo showed us, currently, social networking is both online and offline. Business is switching to the social media networks. To companies that haven’t expanding their influences via social media, it is a propriate time to consider social media performances a more important element in marketing.

What to question? Privacy is definitely the most critical issue in this experiement. Actually, some employees complained that using social media to network negatively affacted their personal lives. No one wants to be tracked and connected every single moment. In addition, sparing lots of time on social media can be a distraction from work. Obviously, the company had better come up with a set of rules and strategies to avoid these effects, for example, seperating work handle and private handle for each employee on Twitter.

You can also find the whole process via


Josh James: Let the Games Begin! Welcome to the # domosocial Experiment

Steve Olenski: A Transpatent, Live Case Study of a Company Going Social


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