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Time to Think Twice About Who to “Like?”

Posted by tarynbunger on July 16, 2012

You may remember back in June when Facebook announced it would settle a lawsuit concerning the use of “likes” and check-ins in sponsored posts, but the issue is in the news again now that a judge has disclosed which non-profits will split 10 million of the social media giant’s dollars.

Quick recap of the case: a few Facebook users sued because they did not want their names and pictures associated with sponsored ads without explicit permission.  Now that it’s over, not much has changed.  Users can’t opt out of having their information displayed as sponsored stories, but Facebook will now alert new users to the fact that it has given itself the right to profit from their “likes” and check-ins.  And since we can’t all split that cool 10 mil, it’s being doled out to non-profits that work to defend consumer rights online.

But my question is, what does this mean for our own behaviors on Facebook? Will we start thinking twice about which brands we choose to “like” or where we check in now that we know those actions will be used to advertise those brands or locations? I’ve always been pretty selective with my “likes,” (I will only “like” you if I REALLY LIKE YOU or if doing so might help me win something), and now I’m even more tentative. But check-ins, too? Ultimately, I think I will end up being more selective with my actions on Facebook, with the knowledge that those actions are functioning as advertisements.

What about you? Will seeing your “likes” and check-ins appear in the advertising sidebar make you hesitant to use those features, or will continue you “like” with abandon and let your check-ins go unchecked?



One Response to “Time to Think Twice About Who to “Like?””

  1. […] Facebook is already deep in the peer-to-peer advertising game (remember my post on sponsored stories?) but this rumored development could be the most transparent tactic […]

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