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What your Facebook says about you

Posted by eschaub on July 16, 2012

Today on Mashable there was an article about what your Facebook page can reveal about you. It’s not only what you post, but how you post. Researchers from University of Missouri says that those who ” like high-risk activity tend to update their status, upload photos and interact with friends frequently. While conversely, those who are more reserved tend to merely scroll through Facebook’s “news feed” and don’t upload photos or actively engage with their friends.”

The point of this article is about ads, and how this can be used to make sure that users are seeing ads that are more relevant to them and their life style. But what about employers? The last two Trends presentations have been about how our social media can be used against us. Can employers use this type of research to better understand who they employ, or decide that someone likes high-risk activities? This could just be another article about another way to use social media, or it could be a new trend that allows us to get to know someone without even meeting them.


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