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Wingman: The Bar-Hopping Buddy

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 16, 2012

My friend has created a mobile app called the Wingman, and his team is currently working on launching it in the market. What is a Wingman? The elevator speech goes like this… It is the bar of the future. Instead of spending most of your time waiting at the bar when you go out, you can order drinks via the Wingman app (which will feature the menu and possible discounts) and pay for it online. When your order is ready, you receive a notification to pick up your drink at the bar. Easy and efficient. No more wait, no more open tabs and lost credit cards…

The basic idea behind the app is to eliminate the wait and the frustration when going out. Many people waste an inordinate amount of time fighting through crowds just to get to the bar only to then have to wait more to snag the bartender’s attention. After finally ordering, the customers wait again for the bartenders to create their drinks. In the case of busy bar scenes, the chance of getting drinks fast is very slim. “All the attending frustration involved in the process of ordering drinks, we think an app designed to alleviate this process could add significant value to people going out,” says the creator.

I have been working in the industry for a while, both as a server and bartender. From a perspective of a bar employee, I think the Wingman can eliminate a lot of hassle and save a lot time. Waiving and screaming at bartenders to get drinks is absolutely barbaric, as well as getting angry at them because of the wait. Therefore, the Wingman app is also creating a friendly bar atmosphere too. Bars and restaurants lose business because people don’t want to fight a battle to order drinks. All in all, the WIngman app is definitely the saving grace for the bars and the bar-hoppers.

Here’s a small video taken at our last test-event at Pitt (

The Wingman website:


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