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Posted by krisforinger on July 18, 2012

So my most recent social media find makes me think of the “REALLY!?!” SNL skit with Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers. (If you have never seen it, I highly recommend a trip to Hulu to check them out.) Like we have been discussing in class, what goes on the internet not only stays on the internet, but it can be spread. Like wildfire.

Recently a Burger King employee thought it would be ‘hilarious’ to post himself on the website 4Chan (Anyone even heard of this?) standing in containers of lettuce with the caption “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”

REALLY!?! Did you really think that no one would see this? Even on a relatively unknown site like 4 Chan, when something is posted on the internet that is controversial, it will be spread. Were you not around for the Dominos great sub fiasco of 2009? REALLY!?! I’m pretty sure that guy was the butt of one of SNL’s jokes back then. Honestly, this guy had to have thought to himself, “I really don’t like my job, here is one way to go out with a bang,” because there is no way he could have thought this wouldn’t get out.

The best part? The hacker group Anonymous, an internet vigilante group famous for attacks on Bank of America and hacking porn websites for government email addresses, tracked the uploader using GPS mapping from the picture upload and contacted Burger King and the local press. It took only 15 minutes.


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