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Shell Shock

Posted by rubenmarinbach on July 18, 2012

Pretty brilliant…today, Greenpeace launched an elaborate online hoax which centered around a fake campaign they created for Shell, which crowdsourced the public to come up with their own “Arctic Ready” ads which promote Shell’s (wildly unpopular, as you can imagine) plan to begin drilling in the Arctic. Greenpeace went as far as creating a mock website that looked like Shell’s, a #ShellFail video, and a false press release. In fact, the hoax was SO convincing that it had scores of online outlets believing that Shell was actually serious.


While this is well on it’s way to becoming a PR DISASTER for Shell, Greenpeace is owning up to it and seems to be relishing in the moment. “We’ve even built a charming kids’ game – Angry Bergs – to keep the littl’uns happy. Watch the dollars flood in as you protect your oil platform from those pesky natural hazards. Unsinkable.”, read a portion of their statement.

This is awesome to me. It’s a natural David vs. Goliath story set in our modern era. By tapping the rabidly angry masses of the internet population, Greenpeace pulled some strings and without any hesitation made Shell look like…well..a bunch of assholes. It just shows how quickly and powerful things can materialize because of social media. Sure, Shell is dishing out Fact Sheets and so on left and right now, but what difference is it going to make? As we learned already, taking something off of the internet is like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool.



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