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Posted by nbalkhjav on July 18, 2012

posing with the Most Interesting Man in the World

Not so long ago, Dos Equis was a low profile beer brand that sold mostly in Texas and California. Today, Dos Equis is the country’s sixth largest imported beer and it is definitely one of most famous beers in the world. So what made DOS EQUIS XX so popular in such a short period of time? Is it the taste? or is it the best beer marketing tool: the “World’s Most Interesting Man”? When people think of XX, the first thing they think of is the cool old man with white beard, who talks real smooth. He is the brand symbol and the spokesperson… Without him, the XX brand is just another beer company. The World’s Most Interesting Man is everywhere… and especially everywhere on social media. He has thousands of followers on twitter, for example (780,000+ followers). But why did Dos Equis choose an old man to promote their beer? The idea behind their brilliant marketing was that the target of young men would not “see him as a threat or as a reminder of accomplishments they hadn’t achieved yet,” says Dos Equis senior brand director Mr. Sailes. He “needed to be someone to work toward, vs. a mirror of themselves.”

Fast forward to June 27, 2012, Dos Equis took another marketing risk with a launch of the World’s Most Interesting Academy, an interactive online community at The logic behind the  academy is driven from the previous campaign, the most interesting man.The academy’s purpose is to inform, inspire, and equip its fans with the knowledge to lead ‘interesting lives.’ The website features fun contests as well as unique contents written by well-known bloggers and celebrities. Dos Equis is targeting most of the academy enthusiasts via its social networking efforts. Combining diverse range of activities and competitions as part of the launch of the academy, Dos Equis will reward fans with”Stay Thirsty Grant” (each grant will value up to 25,000). The is currently going strong with contents documenting the most recent activities of both online and off-line fans.

To read more about the world’s most interesting man, go to

For more on the most interesting academy, go to


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