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Twitters Galore

Posted by jorogrady on July 18, 2012

At the professor’s suggestion, I’m writing a quick post about Twitter as it relates to my job.  One of my roles in FDA’s Center for Drugs is to get our drug safety communications translated into Spanish, posted on the Web, and tweeted out on our Center for Drugs Twitter handle (@FDA_Drug_Info).  Because I happen to be in Professor Bove’s class and he happens to be FDA’s social media lead and I happen to bug him about work-related stuff, I learned that we also have an @FDAenEspanol Twitter handle.  Who knew!?  Certainly not I, the person who arranges for Spanish translations to be tweeted!  Long story short, Professor Bove put me in touch with the right person, and now @FDAenEspanol and @FDA_Drug_Info will follow each other and retweet each other’s tweets.  I know, you’re deeply interested.

But this caused me to look further into an issue discussed in Monday’s class – is it better for each division/office/center/agency/whathaveyou in an organization to have its own Twitter handle, so that followers receive only the information that they are specifically interested in, or should an organization have all tweets come out of a centralized account?  At FDA, that’s a difficult question.  My count puts FDA at 14 different Twitter accounts.  FDA handles food outbreaks, drug recalls, vaccines, animal feed, tobacco regulations, and so much more.  A concerned parent might want updates on bacteria in their child’s food, but not care at all about inspection of foreign drug facilities.  It’s a conundrum. 

So the answer appears to be…both.  Do both, and everybody follow everybody else.  So, owner of the main FDA Twitter handle, it appears you’re missing a few!


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