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When to Connect

Posted by lmyette on July 18, 2012

With the technology currently available, people are constantly “connected,” but there are times that are the best for consumers to be reached. Good Technology released a report and found that “80% of Americans continue working after they’ve left the office, adding up to an extra 30 hours per month, or 365 hours per year.” You would think that once you have worked a long day that doing more work would be the furthest from your mind, but the work never seems to end.

Realizing this information, companies are now learning the best times to reach their consumers and through what mediums. Here is a highlight of the information that was found:

  • Facebook usage peaks at 3 pm (Eastern) on weekdays
  • Wednesday is the busiest Facebook day
  • Emails should be sent close to 6 am
  • Lunchtime is the best time of day to send mobile ads

With this new information, it will be interesting to see if companies will adjust their marketing efforts to reach consumers at times when they are most active on social network sites.

Check out the infographic and video that Good Technology released to share even more information about the report.


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