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Twitter Campaign of Nike Jordan

Posted by wonghyhelen on July 19, 2012

The Jordan brand from Nike seeks the opportunity for brand impression during the Olympic game through a Twitter campaign. The brand will partner with a digital agency 140 Proof to include its pre-planned brand content and links as well as spontaneous real-time comment in its promoted tweets during the USA Men Basketball game. The Jordan brand hopes to have people retweet, comment, and favorite its promoted tweets as people are watching the game. Although John Moonigian III, 140 Proof co-founder and CTO said the result of a Twitter campaign tied in with such a big sports event was quite unpredictable, he was sure that the advertiser would be part of the discussion of the event.

I usually tune out the promoted tweets immediately when I see the small yellow icon on the right hand corner because most of them are unrelated to me. Although the Jordan brand will post these promoted tweets to sport enthusiasts based on who these enthusiasts follow, I still doubt if people would pay too much attention to the promoted tweets. These enthusiasts must be bombarded by tweets related to the Olympic from who they follow during the event, so will they still bother to retweet or comment on the tweets from the Jordan brand?


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