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3 Sides to Every Story: My Story, Your Story, and the Real Story

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 19, 2012

In the past few years, the mighty filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has been through a lot. His career is truly filled with “seemingly horrible situations.” He spent some time in prison, worked in a coalmine, and risked his health with fast food overdose. When he got the invitation to speak at the TED about his new film, Spurlock did something puzzling. He put an ad on Ebay, asking companies to bid to be the sponsor of the 2011 TED talk. Spurlock left out the content and subject matter, but reminded the companies that it’s a good media opportunity (At the very end of the TED talk, Spurlock announced who bought the naming right – EMC2).

So, what was the talk about? It was all about examining the world of marketing advertising, branding, sponsorship… and his new movie, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” The movie is all about the secret world of branding and of course product placement takes place from the beginning to the end. While talking about branding, he stresses the idea of transparency and how companies play hide and seek game with the public. Spurlock explains the root of the problem as companies not understanding your company’s brand and image… By hiring ad agencies or the middle man, companies try to paint an image.  Why not just be transparent and truthful? Spurlock insists, “Embrace the transparency!”


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