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Brandastic: Could This Be The Greatest Movie Ever Sold?

Posted by jmillili on July 19, 2012

Morgan Spurlock, the witty and controversial filmmaker responsible for fronting and starring in documentaries like “Super Size Me,” speaks in today’s TED talk about the his latest film endeavor regarding the world of branding and sponsorship. Spurlock opens with what he refers to as the “seemingly horrible situations” he has put himself through, i.e. prison, war zones, a 30 fast food binge, etc. for the benefit of audiences. In his new film called, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” Spurlock puts a satirical spin on product placement, marketing and advertising by creating a film that is powered by brands–literally.

He discusses his attempt to approach different companies about creating a movie where “everything is branded from top to bottom.” In a playful integration of live talk mixed with comedic video montages, Spurlock shows his attempts to convince CEO’s of top organizations to partner with him in a film that embraces transparency. The film is estimated to cost 1.5 million dollars to create and, after many unsuccessful attempts to lock down partnerships, Spurlock finally makes brand partner deals with 17 companies.

Getting the message to the masses via a film that is literally created and guided by brands of all kinds is at the core of Spurlock’s mission. Understanding that transparency has become a major problem is the overall theme of his talk. In an attempt to shed light on the issue, Spurlock looks to the people who matter the most–the public. When asked how people would describe their personal brands he is provided with an array of responses. From an “80’s survival meets skater punk” to “dark glamour” to “part hippie, part yogie, part pet girl,” the authenticity of their responses is genuine and is an easy segue into his call to the audience to embrace transparency.

Spurlock contends that the most successful projects are the ones that cut out the middle men and with with over 900 million media impressions for the film even before distribution, it is no doubt this film will be a hot topic in marketing and advertising circles.  It is sure to catch the attention of the 500 plus companies that wanted nothing to do with the project.


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