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TED TALKS + Transparency = The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Posted by ki6866a on July 19, 2012


Documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock tends to put himself in difficult and dangerous situations. He’s gone to jail, coal mines and even filmed in war zones. Morgan studies human behavior and represents it in a way that intrigues people and gets them to think.   For his most recent TED talk show he decided to dabble with brand marketing. He started with selling the name rights for his recent episode where he discussed brand marketing.

Morgan sought out ad agencies to help pay for his new movie “The greatest movie ever sold” which exclusively discussed brand marketing. The idea was simple; he wanted to tell the real story. He started by pitching his ideas to the different ad agencies and managed to get rejected by all of them.

He realized that he had to go straight to the source. His various meetings with the product companies finally landed him sponsors that were willing to share the cost, agreed on the importance of transparency and most importantly wanted to tell the real story.

He then set off to figure out what his brand stood for. After all understanding your brand is the difference between a successful or failed campaign. With the help of a branding company he figured out that his brand should be mindful and playful. He then set out brands that fit those criteria. In January of 2012, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” debuted at the Sundance Film Festival with more than 9 Million impressions and great buzz. He had succeeded without the ad agencies because he knew how to harness his brand.

If Morgan would leave us with any words of wisdom it would be to take risks.  Although we fear risk we need to embrace our fear which in this case was transparency by ad companies. Pushing ourselves to embrace our fears provides opportunities and allows us to rise over our competitors. Just like EMC2 was the proud purchaser of his latest TED Talk and received all the free adverting that came with his new movie.


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