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Embracing Transparency with Morgan Spurlock

Posted by lmyette on July 19, 2012

Already having been in a coalmine, filmed in a war zone, and eating McDonald’s for 30 days straight, Morgan Spurlock accomplished yet another feat, when he made ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.’ Spurlock has made a career for himself putting himself in what he considers bad situations to “analyze societal issues to make them engaging.” This time Spurlock outdid himself by partnering with 17 brands, POM, Old Navy, Ban, and Mini, to name a few, to embrace transparency. Getting the message to the masses was Spurlock’s end goal and he did not let anything stop him from doing so. Agencies were telling clients not to partner with Spurlock for fear of the risks and challenges they may face, but the movie was a success.

In his recent TED Talk, Spurlock discussed the road he took to get the movie filmed and showed the public all of the obstacles he was faced with. He was told that he is mindful and playful, while others were telling him he is absurd for trying to do such a thing. One would assume the clients who were told not to participate in the project are kicking themselves now for not participating with all the success the movie has reached. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, the movie quickly gained over 900 million media impressions.

Pleased with his success and happy to let everyone know of his success, Spurlock maintained the same level of transparency in giving his talk. At the end, he shared some wise words with audience members. Spurlock took a chance, was presented with a great opportunity and received immeasurable rewards. Not only that, but before his TED Talk, Spurlock posted on eBay, Facebook, and Twitter for a company to buy the rights to the name of his talk. To his pleasant surprise, EMC purchased his talk, which he thoughtfully named “Embrace Transparency.”

One thing that Spurlock believes wholeheartedly and always wants people to remember is that “If you take chances and risks, in those risks will come opportunity.” For Spurlock it did.


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