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Morgan Spurlock: embracing transparency

Posted by yuwenyang on July 19, 2012

Today’s Tedtalk is very funny and significant. Morgan used a very unique way to give everyone an very important lesson.

Morgan tried his best to explain his movie: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. The movie is about transparency in advertising — being honest about the fact that advertising pervades almost all media we consume. But no one brand would like to support his movie. But why did Morgan do such thing is not exactly anti-advertising when lots of social media outlet came out, but his aim is to let us know the fact that most advertisers have around being honest with their advertising so that it makes more discomfort and less transparency in media industry. So such issue inspires us to think what is the most valuable quality in a brand? That’s transparency. So as PR professionals in the future, we must stay focused on the messages with real value. He emphasized many times in the speech, telling us to embrace transparency. Of course, brand cannot hide anything behind audiences.

Thanks to Morgan that idea is banished forever. I do think brand has an important role to play, but how many of us actually use new media to brand ourselves? There is nothing wrong with just reading blogs, tweets or comments for news or entertainment, but why not take it a step further and leverage them to brand myself? And Morgan’s speech inspires me to use a very unique and fantastic way to brand whatever person or product in the future.

At the end of the speech, he encouraged us to take risks and in those risks will come opportunity. I think letting go is easy, but moving on is the most difficult part. So no matter how hard it is, it is the only way we can grow.


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