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Morgan Spurlock’s TED Talk: The strength of the weak

Posted by Nadia Amika on July 19, 2012

Morgan Spulock entertained the audience with the story of his plight to make The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, about advertising, product placement and marketing, supported by the best sellers of them all, the ad agencies. His attempt separates the weak from the strong. We soon learn that it is not the strongest ad agencies that are willing to take the risk to support a film for which they do not know the outcome. Nor is it the biggest company to bid on the naming rights for tonight’s TED Talks installment. Spurlock speaks on risk and transparency as the key to success.

Risks involve becoming venerable and open to attack. Transparency is openness and sharing one’s weakness. However, it is becoming transparent that can offer the greater reward as the bidder found out who paid $6.00 dollars for the naming rights of the TED Talk installment on Embracing Transparency.


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