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Spurlock does it again….

Posted by lmauti on July 19, 2012

This guy is a marketing genius….I had to follow his story way back in 2003 when he had just started telling the tale of McDonald’s.  So much of what he captures in his films and thoughts can be translated to social media and web presence.  Buzzworthy delivery vehicle….basically, what’s going to get the word going and get people to take action.  How ironic though, that most ad agencies ran.  It was very predictable, but something that still seems a bit funny.

He pointed out the coverage it would get, etc. etc. and still got all no’s.  I think he hit the nail on the head of something that all of our readings up until now have pointed out:  companies don’t want to lose control!  They’re afraid to take that step off of the ledge and I think that’s where a lot of companies are lacking in social media.  Sure, we all know the big campaigns that have taken place or follow our favorite brands on facebook or twitter, but are they really taking advantage of the groundswell?

Another great, inspiring, insightful piece from Morgan Spurlock.




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