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Taking a Risk

Posted by kap07 on July 19, 2012

Sitting and listening to Morgan Spulock I know I am going to be entertained and I am going to get a great take away from it.  Spulock first starts out discussing his past experiences, even referencing his past film, Super Size Me. The talk leading to a film he wanted to create took a look at branding and corporate sponsorship.  Being the risk taker that he is he begins by offering up as to which company would pay and sponsor the talk he currently was giving, not knowing the subject matter. Great exposure, but could hurt your brand since the subject was unknown.

He continues to show clips of how he wanted companies to sponsor, The Greatest Movie Ever Told. The film ultimately would tell of  companies hesitations with participating in a movie based on  product placing. The talk which ultimately related to transparency was told the way Spulock only knows how- with humor. He showed clips from his discussion with everyday people on what they consider their brand to a deodorant company on what they say their brand is. The executives who should have been shouting several adjectives to describe their brand remained silent for 5 minutes.  Spulock even ventures to a company to hear what they said was  “his own brand”.
Spulock leaves us with these final tips. “Take chances ( unlike the companies that turned him down) and think of things as an opportunities. Encourage people to take risks and …embrace fear.  The speech was sponsor by EMC2. A good lesson indeed so as we go about in the business world or even it is our own lives, we need to think. Take a chance. Be transparent. And like, EMC2 maybe we will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Click here for more information .


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