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Embrace Your Fear and Take the Risk

Posted by wonghyhelen on July 19, 2012

Morgan Spurlock has been in multiple risky situations in his life. He went to prison, worked in a coal mine, and fought in the war zone. As a film director he always immersed himself into difficult and dangerous situations to show his audiences different social problems. Apart from eating fast food for 80 days for his film Super Size Me to show how harmful fast food could be, he had a hard time to get enough funding for his new film because a film with product placement in every scene was just too innovative and scary to the production companies and the brands. Most of them believed the film would make the brands look bad and just not interest anybody.

However, some of the brands still worked with Spurlock, and the film eventually had more than 900,000,000 impressions after its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. He realized that most of the brands and production companies were too afraid of not having the control over what the film would present. Also, the brands did not want to be transparent about how they engaged in product placement. Therefore, the production companies and the brands did not want to risk damaging their reputation or losing their investment on the film. Based on this experience, Spurlock reminds us to take the risk and embrace fear because risks can lead to opportunities, just as the brands that had worked with him received more impressions than they had ever anticipated before the debut.


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