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Posted by nigeriaveritas on July 19, 2012

 Morgan Spurlock claims to undergo danger and difficulty in different doses in the quest to educate society. During a humorous, acerbic and sometimes politically incorrect Tedtalk session, Morgan spoke on his eccentric attempt to make a movie on marketing/advertising entirely funded by brand ads. Titled “the Greatest Movie ever sold,” Spurlock chronicles the obscure and rabidly complicated world of advertising, marketing and PR. Showing bewildering techniques of manipulation  such as MRI scans for understanding consumers’ brains and contemporary efforts to regulate ads like those implemented in  the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, which for the past five years has banned outdoor advertising. Morgan contrasts this with recent forays into  outdoor advertising in poor schools by national brands. Not surprisingly, Spurlock could not find a sponsor on Madison avenue and was rejected by virtually all the ad majors. He contends the fear of transparency  was the driving factor. Ultimately, he found 17 brand partners, ranging from JetBlue and Sony to Pom the drink maker.

In a flummoxing effort to illustrate the state of contemporary advertising, Morgan sold the right to brand today’s talk  without his ever disclosing the content , title or  E=MC2 bought the right. Fortunately, they were spared humiliation by Morgan. The same could not be said for US skincare, makers of Ban. In a segment aired during Morgan’s talk,  top execs of the company were speechless for minutes as they sought to answer the simple question “Your brand stands for …? Whereas people on the street interviewed by Morgan’s producers were better able to define the brand.

Morgan Spurlock presented a binary definition for brand attributes: Up and Down. Up represents energy, verve, etc ., while down represents calmness and mindfulness. Both can be good, depending on a company’s objectives. He also used the concept of transparency as thread to tie together branding and responsible marketing. Citing his father, Morgan said,“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and the truth. The morale of  Spurlock’s talk story is: embrace risk, embrace fear and be transparent.

Oh, lest I forget the movie has already garnered 900 million media impressions ahead of its release.


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