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The Hidden World of Advertising Exposed by Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock

Posted by AlanaR on July 19, 2012

For years, companies have payed big bucks to get their products advertised on TV, in the newspaper, in movies, on the radio. Phrases like, “this program was brought to you by___,” or “we want to thank our sponsors___” used to be common, and consumers could easily distinguish who was selling what, when and where. However, nowadays, advertisements have made their way into every arena of our society, which has made It more difficult for consumers to tell when they’re being sold something. Advertisements in movies perhaps do this the best.  There are instances where isolated movie clips could honestly be used as commercials for popular products. These ads are strategically embedded and masked by entertainment to the point where viewers may be unaware of the brand marketing that is taking place. 


Morgan Spurlock exposes this hidden yet highly influential world of advertising in “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” a documentary about corporate sponsorships that was fully funded by 17 sponsoring companies. The film offers a behind the scenes look at how a company develops and implements it’s brand marketing strategy. However, ironically the most of the major companies turned rejected the offer to sponsor the film. Spurlock attributes their rejection to an innate fear of transparency.  Find out what else Spurlock encountered on his journey to produce “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” by watching his hilariously informative TED Talk, which aired tonight at 8:00pm. 


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