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What NOT To Be Afraid Of, Courtesy of Morgan Spurlock

Posted by rubenmarinbach on July 19, 2012

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s TED talk was more of a call to action than a structured lecture, a risk that Spurlock took which certainly paid off. In fact, risk turned out to be a running theme in the talk, effectively used by Spurlock to penetrate the eager young minds in his audience. Spurlock initially opens up his talk by divulging a little bit about his personality to the crowd, mainly his affinity to come up with fun, new, and potentially dangerous ideas – So it should surprise nobody that Spurlock’s grand idea was to actually SELL the naming rights to this very talk on eBay.

Spurlock then continues by describing the ongoing issues he had finding a company to back his plan to make a completely transparent and honest movie – “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. Transparency continues to be the key word here. Spurlock illustrates the myriad of problems that advertisers, PR professionals, and everyday people alike have with the REAL truth. “It’s scary, unpredictable, risky”, he says, especially when it comes to the image and personality that one projects to the outside world. The best solution that he offers to this problem is self-recognition. “How would you describe your brand?” asks Spurlock, in man-on-the-street styled interviews to some eccentric New Yorkers.

In the end, cutting out the middleman and settling for nothing less than direct interaction and input is the one common thread that Spurlock eluded to, and that all links back to transparency. If Spurlock could impart the audience with one final lesson, not just as advertisers or as marketers, but as people, it would be these three pieces of advice: Take risks, embrace fear, and more than anything, embrace transparency. Because whether you’re a creative director at Ogilvy or a “Casual Fly” resident of New York, honestly is a terrible thing to waste.

-Ruben Marinbach


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