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Web users want Christian Bales to visit recent victims of CO Masccare

Posted by kap07 on July 21, 2012

It’s hard for a lot of people  to try to understand why a gunman would go to a Colorado  movie theater and open fire innocent people –killing 12 and injuring 59 this past Thursday.  Web users are now asking Christian Bales, the actor of  The Dark Knight Rises– the film where in the incident occurred, to pay a visit to the victims. They are in fact using social media  and a online petition to get their point heard. Using social media to get a petition started or get people to act is great, but  in my opinion in this case , perhaps it is too soon  for any talk of this and the  victims and their family need time to  heal and cope.

Advocating for action or change has become a force of its own online and many are using it as a platform to get their opinion and voice heard. Whether or not Bales complies is yet to be seen, but it shows that if the public wants or sees a need that there is no way to stop them from using social media as a tool.


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