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Follow @AuroraPD for the latest updates

Posted by Nadia Amika on July 22, 2012

Social media is the place to go for news on the Aurora theater shooting. Individuals who were in the theater used twitter to share their feelings and alert friends that they were safe. The Aurora police department is sending out updates on Twitter and has been using Twitter, Facebook and Flicker to update its residents on news relevant to the Aurora community.

The police department has used Twitter to announce missing children, stolen vehicles and even post weekly photos on their Flicker account of the APD in action. They currently have 11,007 followers on Twitter, a number that is slowly climbing as their Twitter handle is referenced for updates on the Aurora theater shooting and investigation of the suspect’s apartment.

Social media is proving to be an extremely useful tool in the case of an emergency and in communicating information in a timely manner, which can mean a lot for a police department. Is your local police department on twitter? Are you following them for the latest information on your community?

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