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Instagram making an appearance on the Web?

Posted by kap07 on July 22, 2012

Rumor has it according to a recent Mashables’ article that Instagram maybe hitting the Web. The app that has made everyone a photographer with changing the look of any photo from a black and white to a vintage look maybe having some changes under way. After looking at the profile page of the site, there was a report that an error appeared speculating that it could be changing into  more of a  web presence.
Facebook I can imagine is ecstatic on its return, but what is more is that I don’t think the public likes their social media changing left and right. Facebook made several changes over the year, including the Timeline which was lead with mixed reviews and even some stating they wanted to move to Google + because of all of these changes. As for Instagram, we will see what they will do in the future and more so,  if they will have any backlash.


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