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What do people think of the Olympics today? Just look at the FERRIS WHEEL

Posted by ki6866a on July 22, 2012



In preparation for the Olympics, a team of MIT students have been given the job of transferring Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel “Eye Ferris Wheel” into an emotional map of peoples feeling towards the London summer Olympics.

According to an article in Digital trends the Ferris wheel will be controlled by people’s emotions on Twitter towards the Olympics. An algorithm that reviews all Tweets about the Olympics will be running 24 hours a day and collecting people’s thoughts. This will then be transformed into a 24 minute light show depicting the day’s emotions.

If users are happy the Ferris wheel will turn into a happy yellow hue while if too many negative comments are received it will turn purple. While if the people are split on their emotions it will turn green.

Although this is a stunt to get people talking about the Olympics online it does have far reaching effects. The capability of knowing what the people want is much easier than before. Marketers don’t have to guess or higher specialists they can just ask the people and the answer can be displayed as easily as a light show on 135 meter tall Ferris wheel.


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