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StumbleUpon Outta Here

Posted by AlanaR on July 23, 2012


I first learned about StumbleUpon while reading Groundswell, and I’ve been addicted ever since! If you don’t already use it, you should check it out. The site allows you to search different categories for relevant web content, rate web pages, “like” or “dislike” pages you “stumbleupon”…and the best part about the site, everything is tailored to the individual user based on user preferences and on line activity. I’ve found this site to be extremely useful, fun, and, at times, very distracting! The infographic above, found on Jeff Bulla’s blog, offers some pretty interesting statistics about StumbleUpon. I was surprised to learn that the average user’s “stumble session” lasts 69 minutes– that was comforting for me. The cool thing about StumbleUpon, also depicted in the infographic, is that the links/web pages have a much greater half-life than links that are posted to Twitter or Facebook. Therefore the site is not only great for personal use, but there’s potential for companies to take advantage of it as welll.


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