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Lcuky magazine will create fashion community via social media

Posted by madelines on July 23, 2012

Everyday, stylish women upload tons of pictures to Pinterest, Tumblr and  How to take advantage of these user-generated contents? A fashion magazine named Lucky is planning to create an online community  to share all the fashion-related  contents, which, I think, is a smart strategy to build up content and amplify their voice.

The community is set to launch in August, and will create blog-like pages and Pinterest-like pages powered by Tidal, which can help the editors sort through contributions to find the ones that are most likely to perform well those pictures.

This community will become the third tier of Lucky’s content prymid. The first  section is occupied by the employed editors, and the second section is contributed by Style bloggers, who are also paid to post  fashion-related blogs. The return to the third-section bloggers is simply an expansion of influence when your personal blog or Twitter connected with Lucky’s website.



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