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Google Plus is sneaking up…

Posted by lmauti on July 24, 2012

To my fellow google users (aka everyone):  Did you notice that your gchat changed this week?  That things look a little bit different?  Before this week, Google Plus was just loosely connected to gchat, gmail, etc.  This week, hover over your fellow chatters and you’ll instantly be launched to their Google Plus accounts.  With Reuben’s earlier post about Google Plus also being pushed through YouTube (it was inevitable since google has been linked to YouTube for quite a while), it makes me wonder what other little pushes Google has coming our way.

Unlike Facebook, Google doesn’t necessary warn you upgrades are happening.  Oddly, I enjoy this.  I consider upgrades from Google early Christmas presents because outside of Wave, they’re usually really cool toys.  I’m still trying to figure out Google Plus and if it’s the new place to go with Facebook being taken over by baby-bookers and food updates, but I’m convinced that I need to get used to it because it’s becoming the new professional Facebook.

That’s also another thing I like about new tech social spaces-before everyone catches up-you can actually learn and share some really awesome things before it gets caught up in timelines of gripes.


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