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YouTube Gets Personal

Posted by rubenmarinbach on July 24, 2012

What did you say your name was, again? We’ve all seen YouTube videos that have become overridden with comments that are not exactly “wholesome”. With the ability to “Like” YouTube comments, which brings the most popular ones to the top, often the crowd’s taste is far from the most sophisticated choice. This obviously hasn’t gone over YouTube’s head, and they are now doing something about it. Users who would like to register to YouTube (which is necessary in order to comment) are now being urged by the site to use their full names, and also possible provide a picture, which links back to their Google+ account.


Good move. It’s a widely accepted fact that people tend to feel braver and more daring behind the safety and anonymity of their computer screen. But with the social media landscape becoming more and more “social” and less “media”, things are inherently becoming more personal. YouTube was obviously fed up with the anonymous racist, sexist, or just downright mean armies of people who were commenting on their content, and instead of either letting it happen, or taking the “school principal” way out and warning or banning users, they are making them self-accountable. It’s YouTube’s way of saying, “You want to be an asshole on the internet? Be my guest. Just be warned that you’ll be a lot less popular this time around when everybody knows it’s you.” Bravo.

-Ruben Marinbach


One Response to “YouTube Gets Personal”

  1. nbalkhjav said

    Totally love it. No more faceless posts and comments. What will be interesting is, now that Youtube shows faces, will the content be more cautious and not-daring?? Probably not (thinking of the UCLA girl’s rant on Koreans)…

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