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Enter the “Want” Button?

Posted by tarynbunger on July 25, 2012

A CNNMoney report from yesterday is speculating that Facebook might be working on taking a huge leap deeper into e-commerce: adding a “want” button to supplement the current “like” feature.

Obviously Facebook is already deep in the peer-to-peer advertising game (remember my post on sponsored stories?) but this rumored development could be the most transparent tactic yet.

The ability to create, essentially, a wishlist on Facebook might strike some as useful, but personally I can’t see past the obvious data-gathering/promotional/advertising elements.  Because of that, I would definitely be reluctant to use such a feature, especially when I’ve been getting along just fine bookmarking my “wanted” items in their meticulously labeled browser folders.  And I can DEFINITELY see myself unsubscribing from “friends” who get carried away “wanting” things all over my news feed.

More importantly, what is Facebook doing rolling out a “want” button before a “dislike” button anyway?

What do you think?  If the “want” button turns out to be real, would you use it?

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