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Chick-fil-A #Fail

Posted by tarynbunger on July 25, 2012

I’m trying so hard to think what would possibly have possessed Chick-fil-A (or, admittedly, some unrelated, not social media savvy crazed independent supporter of Chick-fil-A) to come up with this:

Chick-fil-A Gets Caught Pretending To Be A Teenage Girl On Facebook

Pretty good example of how NOT to use social media, especially in a crisis situation.  You may think you’re pretty clever, but the Internet is big, and there is absolutely someone on it who is smarter than you. Not that, in this case, that would be a difficult feat.

Chick-fil-A should take a social media lesson from Taco Bell, which I’m still not done laughing about.


One Response to “Chick-fil-A #Fail”

  1. tarynbunger said

    Update: Chick-fil-A denies starting the fake account, says it doesn’t know who is responsible.

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