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Sesame Street and social media

Posted by jorogrady on July 25, 2012

We were talking in class the other night about companies that attempt to “make a viral video” and how it’s not possible to make a viral video, only to make a video and hope it goes viral.  Sesame Street recently debuted their own video that went viral, a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me, Maybe?”, called “Share It, Maybe?”  The video came from a features Cookie Monster singing “Me just met you. Dis is crazy. But me love cookies! Gimme, maybe?”  Basically, it’s pretty funny.  Sesame Street got the idea from a tweet they put out to the same effect, and the feedback they got asking for a video inspired them to actually create it.  Sesame Street is very in touch with the social media world and they take their cues from the feedback they get from their followers.  And even though we all know it’s not possible to force something like this to happy, I’ve included a quote below that I think at least gives some good advice on how to best attempt to “make a viral video.”  

“Whenever you have something that is already viral, like “Call Me Maybe,” there is an opportunity to engage with (our) audience,” said Dan Lewis, Sesame Workshop’s Director of New Media Communications. “So the tweet was a one-off — a pretty easy joke to write — and it did much better than any of us expected.”

-quote from Gimme, Maybe? How ‘Sesame Street’ Mastered Social Media, A Model For Brand Survival In The 21st Century


2 Responses to “Sesame Street and social media”

  1. lmauti said

    I leave you with this…. I’m elmo and I know it.

  2. I was really tired of “Call Me Maybe” because it is played million times a day by the radio station. However, I don’t dislike the song as much now because this video is too funny!

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