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What would you want done with your social media if you passed away?

Posted by jorogrady on July 25, 2012

Terrance Gaines (@BrothaTech)
7/21/12 2:06 PM
Your loved ones should know what to do with your Social Media accounts if something were to happen to you

What do you think of this tweet?  I had a couple of thoughts.  First of all, this is a good idea.  My friend Krista lost her fiancee a few months ago, and it was difficult for her to remember all of his social media passwords.  However, this raises my second point, which is that she at least knew what to do about these accounts, even if she couldn’t always remember the passwords right away.  What do you do in a less clear cut situation?  A girl in my sorority died and her parents wanted to have access to her Facebook account.  Understandably, it would have made them feel closer to her to be able to access the account, but her sorority sisters weren’t sure that she would have wanted her parents reading her private Facebook messages.  Ultimately, they were unable to access the account.  But these are good things to think about: if something happened to you, would you want someone else to have access to your account so they could spread the news, shut it down, or whatever you had indicated? 


2 Responses to “What would you want done with your social media if you passed away?”

  1. lmyette said

    That’s an interesting thing to think about. I’m not sure that I would want my family to be able to read things that I share with others privately, because it may make them remember me differently. People should be remembered as they were when they pass, and private information should remain private. If you did not have access when I was alive, I wouldn’t want you to have access when I pass, unless I leave a note with all of this information in it. If information is wanted to be shared on Facebook or Twitter about my death, a memorial page should be created to share that with my friends, or via word of mouth.

  2. nbalkhjav said

    As I read this post, i thought of my own facebook and twitter accounts. I agree that I’d like my family (some of my family members actually) to see my hidden pictures, but what about the other skeletons in the closet? As much as I want my family to get a look at my social life in the internet, I would have to agree with @Lmyette and say private information should remain private.

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