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Mayor of Boston takes a stand-Chick-Fil-A does it again

Posted by lmauti on July 26, 2012

Yesterday when I saw the letter from the Mayor of Boston to the President of Chick-Fil-A, I was impressed.  It had the basic message of, we, as a city, don’t appreciate your comments, your stance, and we don’t want your business.  Yes, yes, in the world of fairy tale politics, you should leave your personal beliefs at the door when you go to work in the morning, but unfortunately, where would passion be?  If that happened, we wouldn’t have the fight over gay marriage and rights in the first place, because those people who believe that gay couples shouldn’t have rights would leave those thoughts at the door.  Those politicians who don’t believe in abortion, would leave those thoughts at the door.

Okay, I’ll step off of my soapbox now.  I think what the Mayor did was awesome and it also created an online nightmare for Chick-Fil-A.  How does one battle this letter being passed around everywhere?  Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc?  Their name is being hammered.

Last night this letter became personal when my friend posted it on her Facebook page with the comment “Hell yeah Boston.”  This friend happens to have a sister who is gay, married, and also has a baby, which, if you’re truly friends with her, you know very easily.  Another friend from back in our high school days attacked that this letter was unjust because of the whole leave your thoughts at the door theory.

All in all, I stood up for her and her family because in my book, why attack someone on their homeground or their family.  I woke up this morning to see that the conversation continued while I slept between two arrogant people (my friend not included) and ended with the one writing that society doesn’t benefit from gay marriage, so why should it matter anyways.

I may be rambling, but I was shocked to see “friends” attacking other friends beliefs on Facebook with no rationality.  I posted a while back on social media bullying, but this is the first time that I have encountered it in my personal life and surprisingly, I had no idea how to handle it other than stand up for my friend.

Was he right to do that?  What would you have done?



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