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The Most Powerful CRM Tool?

Posted by wonghyhelen on July 26, 2012

Jugnoo, a customer relations management (CRM) tool from Canada is considered to be a tool that truly finds the influencers and does more than Klout and HootSuite. Being available on mobile and web, Jugnoo is the first CRM tool to allow users (usually companies) to read and get notified of their Facebook messages and to manage their online presence through 43 tasks.

Apart from sharing updates to multiple social media accounts in one post, some of the cool tasks include creating Facebook slideshows to show the products and coupons for fans based on the analytics, as well as showing users the connections between their customers via a map like this:

Jugnoo will be a useful tool for medium-sized to large companies. Not only does Jugnoo monitors social media presence and provides thorough analytics, it also creates marketing materials for the companies such as Facebook slideshow and coupons. Also, the map showing connections between influencers provides companies themes and ideas for campaigns and more compelling strategies in the future.

For more information:


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