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The Rule of the Thirds

Posted by jmillili on July 26, 2012

Today, The Chicago Tribune posted an article on the sins of social media and how to navigate your past questionable social media use. Most of the points made in the short excerpt were fairly standard, i.e., engage with others, create a bio and consistently checking privacy settings.

The fourth sin listed (Don’t be boring, be human), refers to the content of posts made on social sites. As we have discussed before content is key, especially if a person is trying to market him or herself, a product or a particular service. Regarding personal social sites, the article suggests that users follow the rule of the thirds:

  • One third of the time, post about you and/or your brand with related links.
  • One third of the time, talk about things related to you and your work with the material coming from another source.
  • One third of the time, by you talking about whatever and however.

This rule seems to be a reasonable breakdown of what a person should post/how often and can at least serve as a guideline to follow when posting on personal social sites.


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