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Thought You Lost All Your Tweets?

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 26, 2012

As of right now, we can only retrieve the last few thousand of our tweets… But according to Dick Costolo, Twitter’s Chief Executive, things are going to change eventually. During a press conference, he said that Twitter is currently working on a tool to let users export all of their tweets. So from the vast pool of your personal tweets, “you’ll be able to download a file of them,” said Mr. Costolo.

Facebook already has a similar service. It allows users to download a file with all their data. With 140 million active users, Twitter has been slow to come up with a data retrieving service. On a different note, a recently released website, called, lets people go through some of the first tweet messages ever sent through Twitter’s servers.

Quick Question: What would be the main reason people want to see their old tweets? Is it safe to download your old rants? What if the whole document gets into the wrong hands? Should people even retrieve these old dialogues? 


One Response to “Thought You Lost All Your Tweets?”

  1. tarynbunger said

    I really enjoy the pic you used!

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