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The campaign for True Love

Posted by bn2954 on July 27, 2012

Luxury brand Tiffany & Co., is campaigning for true love. What jewelry company wouldn’t? 

First, Tiffany & Co. has worked to established itself as the brand of true love and an expert on romance., Tiffany’s microsite, boasts stories of real couples who share their love stories. From engagement rings to gifts for a new mother (all Tiffany, of course!), these couples share how they said “true love”  with Tiffany’s.  The website provides recommendations for romantic movies, music and dates, along with “Tiffany’s tips for when a relationship gets serious” (pictured, right). Their app, “What Makes True Love by Tiffany & Co.” as a “go-to resource for romantics.”

Tiffany has done a great job of engaging with its audience. They have added different types of media to its campaign that can be easily shared by its users including a short film called “will you marry me” and the humorous video of kids explaining what love means to them. The microsite contains an interactive map for customers to upload a “heart” and share a romantic story. On Instragram, couples are encouraged to share their love stories with the hashtag #truelovepictures.

Tiffany is promoting itself as the luxury brand for romance. Though it may sound cheesy to some, the company has done a great job of leveraging social media to engage with its audience.


One Response to “The campaign for True Love”

  1. nbalkhjav said

    What a great idea for a jewelry line… People sharing their stories (costumer confessions) is the best way to make business. It is a great campaign and I’m sure it made a lot of connection and interaction among past and future jewelry buyers. Yes, it is kind of cheesy and romantic, but people like cheesy and romantic. Oh and that video is absolutely adorable!!

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