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Twitter is going for the Gold!

Posted by eschaub on July 27, 2012

As you know the Olympics are kicking off today in London, if you didn’t know this you’re not human, and Twitter decided to get in on the action. Twitter, along with NBC, have launched a specific Olympic event page, and will be tracking the buzz using human calculation and algorithms; even people who don’t have Twitter can get in on this tweeting good time!

All of this equals a whole lotta tweeting, apparently more pre day than all of the 2008 Olympic tweets. Take that past Olympics. But, this really goes to show how in four short years we as a society are changing. Before we used to sit with our mothers as they forced us into watching the tumbling section of gymnastics, thinking “I could totally do that better if I wanted to, but I need to focus on building my Lisa Frank folder collection.” And now, well now we can tweet mom and all the other moms in the world getting fired up for back flips and ribbon dancing. Let’s face moms are on Twitter now, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

This the first time Twitter is putting something like this on, and they actually want feedback too!!! Who knew they cared so much?


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