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#Twitterfail…? (part 2- continuing the conversation)

Posted by jorogrady on July 29, 2012

To add on to the post from a few days ago about Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou being kicked off the Greek Olympic team for inappropriate tweets, I wanted to bring up something that’s been going on for several days on the American soccer team: angry tweets from goalie Hope Solo about commentary made during a game by NBC commentator (and former soccer player) Brandi Chastain.  In this case, however, Hope’s coach met with her, supposedly to discuss Tweets and how they reflect on people’s perceptions of their team/sport/etc., but did not issue any punishments.  According to the AP article, “[Coach] Sundhage said she didn’t tell Solo to stop tweeting or to tone it down. ‘I don’t punish people,” Sundhage said. “And I don’t know what’s right and wrong.'”  The article lists off Solo’s previous punishments, as well as previous outbursts, her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and the recent doping allegations against her, alongside commentary on Solo as “arguably the best goalkeeper in team history”.  So was Solo’s punishment, or lack thereof, due to Coach Sundhage’s laxer social media policy, her views on freedom of speech, or just because Solo is too valuable to kick off the team?


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