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Bomb Threat on twitter leads to precedent in court

Posted by ki6866a on July 30, 2012


According to an article in Mashable an Irish man was convicted in 2010 for sending a tweet about blowing up a nearby airport after it was shut down due to heavy snow.  He was convicted under the United Kingdom’s Communication Act of 2003, which imprisons and fines people for such offenses.

The ruling was over turned recently by a judge in the UK who stated that although the remark might have been menacing in nature the context was not serious.

This establishes a precedent in the UK for social media communications allowing people to speak their mind as long as it is not perceived to be of serious nature. It is not clear yet how this will effect communications online but it remains a problem. The question that remains is how will this precedent be interpreted in similar situations and will the authorities be able to prosecute people who use this law to their advantage.

One Response to “Bomb Threat on twitter leads to precedent in court”

  1. nbalkhjav said

    This guy takes “the using of twitter for wrong reasons” to the next level. Some people use twitter to announce their (boring) daily routines and others ( some politicians, ahem, you know who) use it for their personal sexual needs… But this guy uses it to create a mass fear. I’m glad he is punished for that!

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