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Olympics: Which athletes are getting the most attention on social media

Posted by ki6866a on July 30, 2012


As the UK has been preparing for the first social Olympics we have seen the development of social media guidelines for athletes and how to instructions for people to follow them online. Now that the Olympics are under way Starcount is giving people the opportunity to follow their favorite athletes and track their popularity throughout the games. According to an article in Mashable the system uses 11 global social networks to measure a global prospective of more than 9000 athletes. The search can be narrowed down by overall popularity of athletes, who’s trending, or by country.

Although this stunt is nothing more than an advertisement for Starcount it shows the advancement of not only social media but the systems that control and monitor it.


2 Responses to “Olympics: Which athletes are getting the most attention on social media”

  1. nbalkhjav said

    My friend was talking about Starcount and got me interested… I didn’t understand what was the point of it. Don’t the athletes have their own social media accounts. And can’t people just follow that?

  2. ki6866a said

    yes you are correct, but Starcount is using this as a measuring tool to measure the overall popularity of athletes.

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