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Sharing is more fun with pictures and videos

Posted by ki6866a on July 30, 2012

ImageWith the over flow of information online people are increasing the use of photos and videos to enhance their interactions online and enhance their social engagement.

According to an article in Mashable, Socialcam is working to streamline mobile video sharing. The application allows users to film and customize videos that can then be uploaded to the different social media networks. Unlike other mobile recording application, Socialcam allows users to record videos longer than 15 seconds, add filters to fit their theme, and add music all integrated seamlessly into an easy to use application.

Socialcam continues to grow with more than 54 Million monthly users and an engineering team determined to make it easier for users to share their videos wherever they are. Anyone with a smart phone can now produce a video of good quality. The application is even being used by reports on the go while in the field.



One Response to “Sharing is more fun with pictures and videos”

  1. nbalkhjav said

    Where was I? I completely missed this awesome tool !! I am familiar with a lot of different photo applications that has filters and themes… but video?? I always thought that SOCIALCAM was like TOUT. Thanks for sharing, I’m totally going to use it!

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