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Posted by nbalkhjav on July 31, 2012

Five years ago when I started blogging for the first time, I had no idea how to build an audience. I’d just write and hope someone would read… Time has changed, and now there are many ways to gain attention using social media. I think that our guest speaker Alex gave us pretty good tips on how to blog, how often to blog, and how to reach out to potential readers. featured an interesting article on building audience for blogs. The ten tips the writer suggested seemed definitely useful. For example, tip #8 suggests bloggers to join blogger groups on Facebook. Apparently there are many active groups on Facebook that are good resources for any blogging issues bloggers might encounter.

Lastly, check out my blog 🙂


One Response to “BLOG MUCH?”

  1. I am Sam said

    Hey, thanks big time man. I needed this. I have this concept about blogging that I wrote about on my blog here Might interest you.

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