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It’s not only about promoting the business

Posted by madelines on August 12, 2012

“social media marketing is a long tail strategy for a small business — it can take a lot longer than six months to see results.” Helping an organization to promote their business on social media globally, I found its really important to be patient and strategic to promote your products on social media. You have to build up a long-term strategy before you take any action. Here is an article explained everything based on the failure of one person who wants to start his own business. The author also gave some good suggestions which are really helpful.

Here is the article.


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Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile App

Posted by madelines on August 12, 2012

For Dunkin’ Donuts die-hards, paying by plastic credit card is a kind of passé. Their new launched mobile app can help buyers pay via barcodes, locate the Dunkin’ Donuts shop, receive the menu, and receive the nutritional information and send virtual gift cards via text, email or Facebook.

When you pay for a donut or a cup of coffee, hand the cashier your mobile device to be scanned. When you want to use a gift card, store and purchase Dunkin’ Donuts Cards on your iPhone, iPads or Androids and add money to the virtual cards, like customers do with plastic ones.

Building on the base of its existing loyal customers, Dunkin Donut’s app combines payment, gift cards and loyalty programs together. The launch obviously encouraged the consumption. What the app brings to the food company is helping to speed up lines, and boosting the sales. And they don’t have to wait for change or for credit cards to be processed. Moreover, people use mobile app will not feel they are actually paying money, Usually, they would pay more than that. The convenience it brings to the consumers will also help with people that they can learn.

Here is an promotion video for this app.


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Olympic Game Boost the Use of Instagram

Posted by madelines on August 10, 2012

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, millions of photos have been shared via Instagram. The popular mobile app got 50 million registers at the end of this April, increased three times when it started with just 15 million users. According to data released on the July, Instagram gained more than 80 million users and 4 billion photos. Now, after the Olympic Games, Instagram probably will get more subscribed users.

Let’s look at what Instagram achieved during the game. According to VenueSeen, 650,000 photos have been uploaded with hashtag #Olympics; 263,000 photos has been uploaded with hashtag #london 2012. The most popular venue people used Instagram is Olympic Stadium; the next one is Wembley Stadium, the Olympic soccer spot, following with the Basketball Arena.

IOC enacted series of restrictions on this game. Athletes and other accredited persons are encouraged to do personal posts on social media channels in a first-person, diary-type format.. But they cannot post during competitions, cannot shot videos. Spectators are allowed to take photos and videos, but not allowed to post any video.

Here is one example. “Participants and other accredited persons can post still photographs taken within Olympic Venues for personal use. It is not permitted to commercialise, sell or otherwise distribute
these photographs.”

It seems like that IOC and TV networks, however, can do nothing with the popularity of the social media.  During the game, spectators use this popular app to share their favorite snaps, journalists use it to report. After the game, the teams and individual participants use it to celebrate their victories. The whole world can see another side of Olympic via athletes phones.
Apart from the data listed above, the obvious evidence can be 27,000 photos shared with the  #michaelphelps hashtag, 650,000 photos have been posted with the #olympics hashtag, while more than 263,000 have been uploaded with the #london2012 hashtag.

Taking Olympic game as a transcendent experience, instagram will maintain popular in the future competitions, meetings, and other public activities. Based on the effect of social media tool like instagram, Olympic game is becoming increasingly  democratic and publicly. Who will be the next? How can we take advantage of the social media tools  in the future sports game?  Allowing such social media tools in other sport competitions like MLB or NHL brings the competition itself positive or negative one? These questions should be publicly discussed in the future.

(Infographic on the use of instagram of Olympic game)

1. Instagram Passes 50 Million Users, Adds 5 million a week

2. How Instagram is Winning Gold at the 2012 Olympics

3. Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase

4. IOC Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines for participants
and other accredited persons at the London 2012 Olympic Games

5. London Olympics: How the IOC Controls Social Media

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YouTube and Crisis

Posted by eschaub on August 10, 2012

During times of natural disasters, like the earthquakes that struck Japan and Haiti, many people turn to YouTube to find footage of the crisis that is unfolding. YouTube is aware of this, and it now making sure that viewers are getting the most up to date videos. The Crisis One Response box apparently offers “streams of verified social content”, with information and videos of crisis or disasters. I’m not sure if this betters lookiloos, or people who are actually concerned. I guess time will tell.

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Editing made easy, well easier

Posted by eschaub on August 10, 2012

Last year YouTube introduced editing tools for any videos that anyone maybe putting on the platform, and now they’ve made them even easier to use. If you struggle with skills like editing, which I do, any tricks or tools are greatly appreciated! This is even great for small businesses or non-profits that can afford an outside firm or hire on a staff member to do this for them. I really admire how social media has changed the way non-profits can do business. I’ve worked for a few, and I’m aware of the challenges that they face. Social media really has become their best friend.

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Facebook: Shooting Star or Emerging Sun?

Posted by nigeriaveritas on August 9, 2012

In a space of twelve months, a team of  seductive Investment Bankers and Publicists led by Goldman Sachs and Madison avenue’s best started a PR blitz about Facebook. For good measure, they surreptitiously brought Hollywood to the picture (no pun intended), resulting in the blockbuster movie: The Social Network.

At the peak of the Facebook fever, analyst after analyst declared that Facebook is the future and expected it to eclipse Google. Financial analysts and software Geeks, cited number of users and dubious projections of Social Media consumption patterns as evidence of this impending change of guards.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook’s IPO was massively successful, giving the company a $108 billion valuation. At that value ($38/share),  FB enjoyed much higher earnings multiples than Google!! Google is valued at about $198 billion, despite a proven revenue formula, outstanding performance, and market leadership in a diverse number of segments. google sell cell phones, operating systems, apps, search-based adverts, electronic sales settlement (cards) and

De ja vu? Yes, we have been down this road before. Remember the bubble which the sage, Alan Greenspan rightfully called “market exuberance”. Amazingly, a country with probably the largest number of smart Lawyers, Financiers, Investment Managers and Publicists; fell for the same trick TWICE.

I spent an hour lecturing a couple of Investment Managers at Morgan Stanley who sought to convince me to buy FB shares and ended up revising their expectations. A few interesting facts:

1. Facebook is purely a social network. While FB might have plans to expand to other areas, it remains primarily a social network.

2. The closest company to Facebook in form, is MySpace (at its peak). MySpace today is a fallen Angel and went from a  $17 billion valuation in 2007 to $35mm in 2012.

3. Myspace and Yahoo still have the most sophisticated targeted ad capability (Google is likely to surpass them with its recent offerings) yet they ultimately succumbed to a stodgy revenue model and weak management.

4. In stark contrast to Google, Intel, Microsoft or Apple, Facebook’s management is inexperienced and concentrated.

5. Google used search to redefine computing; used Android to redefine the smartphone industry, crushing Nokia and Blackberry(RIM), while overtaking Apple in the process; used Youtube to redefine communications; used G-mail to pension-off AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo  mail; Is competing fiercely n the browser space with Chrome; is now challenging physical payments systems with its new mobile phone swipers for debit/credit card readers. With such a diverse source of income and track record for innovation it is unlikely to lose all round.

Facebook has already fallen short of its projections for the first full quarter post-IPO. The company has lost over $30 billion in value since the IPO.

Will FB survive? In my opinion the company faces to likely possibilities (1) Remain a dominant social network but revise revenue to more realistic levels- in my estimate $10-20 billion (2) Get squashed in one of the ruthless frequent industry realignments.

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BBM: An alternative mobile medium for Plebes and Gentry alike.

Posted by nigeriaveritas on August 9, 2012


BBM is an acronym for Blackberry messaging service. It is a messaging service between blackberry handsets and has data, and audio-video content capability. Despite the demise of Blackberry’s owner (The Canadian firm Research in Motion), BBM is immensely popular and growing.

The following is a Nigerian business advert for corporate car rentals (note the contact options):



How will you like to rent a brand new, not-branded saloon car/SUV with just a phone call?

Acecarz® offers chauffeur driven services that include:

·         Daily car rentals

·         Airport Pick -ups & Drop-offs

·         Point to point movements

·         Interstate Travels and more…

We currently serve employees of Total Nigeria Plc, Honeywell Group, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Olam Nigeria, Loopy Music, amongst others.

To make reservations, Call us on 0802 8668 603, 01842 7896Add us on Blackberry 26CCBB7E or send a mail to


Kelvin Nakpodia

Snr. Marketing Manager, Acecarz.

P: +234-1-8427896


Note the Blackberry contact details. The alphanumeric tag is a pin number for BBM.

BBM is a major tool of mobile communications amongst professionals in GSM markets across Africa and Europe. Ironically, BBM is equally popular among lower income youth in the U.K, and middle class young adults in West Africa. In Nigeria BBM has become a noun, people say “BBM” me, to mean send me a message by Blackberry mail.

In the U.K. riots of 2011, BBM was the primary means of communications of the rioters. So much so that  the British government called on RIM (Blackberry maker) to shut down the service.

It is interesting to see where it will all lead should RIM manage to resuscitate itself.

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Red Cross Digital Operations Center

Posted by AlanaR on August 8, 2012

In 2010, The American Red Cross conducted a survey to assess the use of social media in disaster and emergency relief.  The online survey was completed by 1,058 participants representative of the US population aged 18 and older. Below are some of their key findings:

Nearly 3 in 4 respondents in at least one online community or social network: Facebook was not surprisingly the most popular (58%), followed by YouTube (31%), MySpace (24%), and Twitter (15%).

Respondents with children in the household are more likely to use social media (81% vs. 67% for those without children).

One in six (16%) of respondents have used social media to get information about an emergency, however only 14% via Facebook and 6% via Twitter


Two years later, this information seems archaic! For one thing, Twitter usage would certainly surpass MySpace and probably YouTube as well, and the statistics of where people get their information on emergencies are very different. To address this shift, the Red Cross teamed up with Dell and launched a Digital Operations Center in March 2012. This is the first social media-monitoring platform dedicated to humanitarian relief. The Digital Operations Center will equip the Red Cross to better share safety and preparedness tips during natural disasters.  A Mashable article explains that the Digital Operations Center accepts “digital volunteers” to respond to social media calls for aid. Check out the article here for more information.

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Has #NBCfailed Us?

Posted by AlanaR on August 8, 2012

On July 27th, 2012, the night of the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, I looked up what time the highly anticipated event was going to start. In my brief Iphone search, I read an article that said the Opening Ceremonies started at 9:00PM London time, 4:00PM ET. I was home in my apartment at the time, making a cake for my friend’s birthday, glued to the TV (NBC), anxiously waiting for the event to begin. Four o’clock rolled around, and nothing came on. Then it was four-thirty, four-forty-five, and still no opening ceremonies. Somewhat confused and annoyed, I went back to my and looked for other articles on the opening ceremonies. Finally, I found one that said the event would be taped and aired at 7:00PM ET. Honestly, I was bummed that I couldn’t watch the opening ceremonies LIVE from London. Instead, I had to wait three hours and watch a taped version. This trend continued throughout the Olympic games. NBC waits until “prime time” to air events rather than bringing the coverage to viewers live. Not only is this annoying, but in an age where everything is posted on the internet, the suspense of the games is often ruined by a Tweet or Facebook post announcing the winners!

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way. In fact, there’s a hashtag on Twitter, #NBCfail, where viewers can vent their furry. One Tweet read, “Ryan Lochte could cure cancer during a race & NBC would air it 6 hours later with the cure portion removed for a Seacrest interview.”  This claim is not as extreme or irrational as one might think. For example, a recent CNN article explained that, “NBC decided to omit an Opening Ceremonies tribute to the 52 victims of a 2005 terrorist bombing in London. NBC instead filled the time with a taped Ryan Seacrest interview of U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps; the network lamely explained, ‘Our program is tailored for the U.S. television audience’.”

Is anyone else shocked or upset by this? Not sure if it’s just me, but I would have rather seen the tribute than another interview with Michael Phelps. Why does NBC (and most other networks) get to dictate what news they think will and will not resonate with the “U.S. television audience?”

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If They Tweet You, They’ll Have to Kill You!

Posted by AlanaR on August 8, 2012

Once upon a time, you could follow the CIA on Twitter (@US_CIA).  Earlier this summer, the agency maintained an account where they posted tweets, tweeted at people and generate a significant following.  Some of the early tweets were about hiring opportunities, basic information on the Agency, and links to articles their followers might take an interest to.  One recent tweet read, “Dear Ayatollah @khamenei_ir, please consider tweeting in English. Our sole Arabic speaking NED analyst is out on vacation this week. Thanks!” If you’re not familiar with Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, better known as Ali Khamenei, he is the Supreme Leader of Iran (highest political position) and former president. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, it seems a little questionable that the CIA would tweet something so ignorant and wacky…you’re right!

On August 1, 2012, the Washington Post published an article which exposed this “official” CIA twitter account as a fake!  The spoof tweeter has not been identified, but the account has been shut down.

CIA spokesman, Preston Golson said, “I hate to break it to our mass of potential Twitter followers — but the CIA is still not on Twitter… We prefer to keep our daily musings to ourselves. Perhaps someday you’ll be able to read official Tweets from Langley, but until then, people can do the old-fashioned thing and check out our Web page.”

This incident is just one of many spoof twitter account cases, and it’s an important reminder for companies and organizations to monitor the web to ensure there are no fake accounts out there for their institutions. 

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