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As a Social Media Agent, You Should…

Posted by wonghyhelen on August 2, 2012

There was a debate on whether a social media manager should be under 25 in the news last couple weeks. As some people may worry about being “too old” to be a social media specialist, three small business owners and non-profit directors attending the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) conference believed that age was not the most important consideration when hiring a social media specialist. Instead, they would consider these three things:

1. Does the candidate match the brand culture and resonate with the brand’s customers?

2. Does the candidate have deep understanding of how and why customers choose certain social media tools and how these tools speak to each other?

3. Is the candidate enthusiastic enough to stay tuned for the social media trend as the social media world changes rapidly?

As long as you can show your passion about the company and social media trend on your resume, you will never be “too old” to work in the social media field. A person under 25 years old may be very experienced with social media tools because he or she basically grew up in a technology era. However, with the experience on personal social networking does not mean he or she is good at managing online strategic brand communications. These two things are completely different and what may work for personal social networking may not work for brand communications.

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