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Dashboard with E-mail and Social Media Feeds

Posted by wonghyhelen on August 2, 2012

MyLife, a people-finding web service, has decided to extend its service to offer a dashboard to organize its members’ social media feeds and their e-mail accounts on Gmail, YMail, and AOL. The company plans to roll out a $25 million ad campaign to promote its new service and believes that the new dashboard will simplify people’s lives by having e-mail accounts and all the popular social media sites in one place. People can save time from jumping around from their Facebook page to Twitter page and then their e-mail accounts.

The dashboard is divided into two sides. The left hand side is the e-mail section with Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL buttons. By clicking one of the buttons, you can see your e-mails from that specific account, and you can forward and send e-mails as usual. The right hand side is the feed section with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn buttons. You first type your post, and then you click the button to indicate where you want to post. Once you hit the “post” button, your post will be shown on the social media you choose to post. You can also read feeds from these platforms at the bottom right corner.

I am very interested in trying this new dashboard. Although Hootsuite has the similar function, you cannot check your e-mail but only your social media profiles. Also, with multiple e-mail accounts and social media profiles, sometimes I am tired of logging in and out and remembering all the passwords. It will be great to just log in with one password on MyLife to see everything.

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