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Tweeting For Sports Teams

Posted by jmillili on August 2, 2012

Everyone knows the value of Twitter and how important it can be for the promotion of a product, service or personal brand. Such value undoubtedly extends to sports organizations. According to Yut Media, there are several important benefits of Twitter for sports teams:

  • Crowd engagement
  • Uniting fans
  • Direct communication with fans
  • Discover influencers
  • Effective/inexpensive marketing
  • Reach a wide audience

So why is it that some sports teams are more effective and garner a much larger online audience than others? Coming from Philly, it is hard to comprehend attending a sporting event where the stadium is not jam packed with crazed die-hard fans, no matter where the team stands in the rankings. Yes, it is no doubt the extreme popularity Philly sees in the stadiums is also reflected in their online presence, however, it is not just the team’s popularity that is responsible for the online success.

As the number three most followed team on Twitter, the Philadelphia Phillies are doing something right. The Phillies strategically use their page for promotional announcements, player updates, injury updates, fan engagement and contests. Additionally, many of the Phillies star players are actively on Twitter and engage with fans regularly. Similarly, the number one and two most followed teams on Twitter (Orlando Magic) and (LA Lakers) also leverage their social sites effectively. Here is the complete list of the ten most followed teams on Twitter and why they have success.


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