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What Is Your Social IQ?

Posted by jmillili on August 2, 2012

Using social media effectively, pushing out the appropriate content and monitoring success using various measurement tools have been topics at the core of our class discussions in recent weeks. In an article in the Chicago Tribune, author Scott Kleinberg puts a playful spin on how smart a person is when using social sites. The five question quiz touches on actions like checking in, accepting friend requests, Twitter direct messages and photo uploads. The purpose of the social media IQ test is to emphasize common sense when using such social platforms. Click on the above link to determine your score.

While social media can be overwhelming, having the common sense to navigate each site and post effectively is essential. In case you want to brush up on your social smarts, here is a list of 10 tips for using social media mindfully.


One Response to “What Is Your Social IQ?”

  1. nadia728 said

    For someone who is not a PC major or just not active on what social media profiles I do have that chart is overwhelming. It’s like what hasn’t been thought of. I had a friend who sounded like he thought he was on to something with the idea of creating something that allows individuals to share content they are reading, I agreed with him. Then my class social media glossary assignment was his very idea, Scribd! I sent him the information I was learning about Scribd. Unfortunately he is behind the game on the idea. There is like a social media platform for everything, I need to research what is out there for the faith community!

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